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2014 Reinhold Haart Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Kabinett

Wine Advocate: 92/100pts

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Wine Advocate: "Review by Stephan Reinhardt # 223 (Mar 2016) Rating: 92 Drink 2016 - 2040

The 2014 Goldtröpfchen Kabinett comes from the higher part in the steep Goldtröpfchen and ripens a week earlier than the grand cru (GG). Picked with 87° Oechsle, the 2014 opens with a very clear and aromatic, still somewhat reductive bouquet that indicates a good complexity. Round and lush on the palate, this is a highly delicate and perfectly balanced, extremely stimulating Kabinett that is one the finest you can find in the Mosel. This is so sensual and ripe ins its juicy yellow stone fruit and mango flavors, but also precise and extremely fine and elegant. A beautiful Kabinett!

One of the finest 2014 Mosel collections has been bottled by Johannes Haart! These are greatly clear, precise and elegant Rieslings of great finesse and with a clear focus on both ripe fruit and great terroir. "Our grapes were a bit more robust against the rain, probably because of the better water supply in the Goldtröpfchen. Normally this combination should have ended in a disaster, but surprisingly it did not. Maybe our grapes are used to having sufficient water supply and can also withstand a little bit more rain," he explains in his typical discreet manner. Of course, Haart had to make meticulous selections, too. He started the harvest on October 7th with healthy grapes and still low must weights. The strict sorting lead to classic Mosel Rieslings with less acidity than in 2013 or 2010, but which are more vivid than 2011 or 2009. Haart's dry Rieslings fermented to 11% to 11.5% alcohol, the late harvested Grosses Gewächs even to 12.5% to 13% natural alcohol. It is as if Haart has produced his 2014 in another world or another vintage. Haart himself describes 2014 as a "smaller version of 2011: lighter but more refreshing." His 2014 collection is smaller than in former years due to merciless selections. For example, no dry Wintricher Riesling has been produced except of the Grosses Gewächs and an Auslese that I could not taste, unfortunately. Also just two Spätleses have been bottled, both from the Goldtröpfchen. In fact, from the Piesport Einzellagen only the Goldtröpfchen selections resulted in single vineyard wines; whereas the other single vineyard sites--Domherr, Kreuzwingert, Grafenberg and Günterslay--make up either the Haart to Heart Estate Riesling, the Piesporter trocken or the delicious Piesporter Kabinett. The highlights of the collection are certainly both GGs as well as the two Goldtröpfchen Spätleses (of which AP #14 has been auctioned in Trier), and the two Goldtröpfchen Ausleses (of which AP #16 has been auctioned as well). "With 105° to 110° Oechsle, we simply had the ripeness to select these Auslesen for which we took a high risk," Johannes Haart smiles. The harvest was finished late on November 3rd. The average yield was 42 hectoliters per hectare, but what a collection!"